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Average time to complete: 10 minutes Identity Theft Victims Complaint and Affidavit A voluntary form for filing a report with law enforcement and disputes with credit reporting agencies and creditors
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing id theft affidavit printable
What's up YouTube fan Brandon we've been here once again today we're talking an identity theft affidavit we're talking about identity theft we're talking about people stealing running up in your stuff in your socials and your birthdays, and then I go names and everything using your name and putting in credit now let's be clear there are strangers that can do to you and there are family members that can do it to you let's talk let's be real alright let's be real I'm getting emails with individuals who are getting ID theft stuff from grandparents parents brothers sisters okay now not everybody wants to you know file police report and this and that but if you're getting identity theft stuff okay people putting stuff in your name, and you know damn well that this stuff is ID theft you can go ahead and fill out police report and identity theft victim complaint affidavit this thing I'm just going to be real quick the FTC stuff okay there it is bum okay, so it's a real thing okay you can go to their site, and they ask for your law enforcement report as part of it okay the Department the state the report number filing the officers name signature badge number and this you know it's got a lot of information your affidavit if you do not choose to follow this report law office law enforcement you may use this form as an identity theft affidavit to provide to each of the companies where the ID theft and misuse was and all that good stuff, and it goes on and so forth and so on okay, so you don't necessarily have to maybe some family members and all this nonsense right you don't necessarily how I ever if you can even if it's a family member okay I'm not saying you should or shouldn't I'm not saying you should or shouldn't do in this stuff the stuff is educational material maybe you just watch it because I get you pumped up and excited for like who knows why you're watching it okay who knows why you're watching it but if it's helping you all give me a thumbs up I really appreciate you guys out there doing all that it's wonderful I'm real being able to support you guys and do the videos here yeah this thing takes about 10 minutes to fill up, and you have the ability to fill it out with and without the law enforcement report the law enforcement import is stronger the law enforcement report means you go down the ships you go to other your local police station, and you say look X Y & Z on TransUnion Equifax Experian okay BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA right this was this is someone else's life or my social was used to open up please account this is clearly not mine this is nonsense I've never lived in Florida I've never lived here I don't reside at this residence this is wild this stuff is clearly ID theft okay you would send this in along with placing a fraud alert on your credit report viewing your reports after you view reports for fraud close the accounts that you know or believe that have been tampered with or open fraudulently okay very simple very easy to follow okay...


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